Compare Our Fees

We want to make online giving available to all good causes so, after a small one-off registration fee, there are no fixed fees which could eat into the money you raise, and no hidden charges.

What you get

Your registration fee of just £50 gets you five charity web pages on which to promote your cause. Plus, you’ll get an additional five pages to promote each fundraising event you organise, at no additional cost.

Remember too that every one of your fundraisers will get a FREE Giving Back profile page and there’s no cost to the generous people who support good causes with sponsorship and donations.


Once you’ve created your charity pages, we simply deduct a tiny 3% of every donation to cover our costs. And, if we can find a way of reducing our costs, we’ll pass this saving on to you.

Bank Charges

One cost we cannot control is the 2% of every donation the bank charges us to process card payments. We are lobbying our bank to reduce this, to bring us into line with other online giving websites. We will consider a cheaper bank if they can offer you the same level of security and confidence for a smaller fee.

See how we compare

The table below shows how much a small organisation raising £300 per year in donations would receive from Giving Back, Just Giving and Virgin Money Giving.

  YEAR 1
  Virgin Money Giving JustGiving Giving Back
One-off set-up fee   £100   £0   £50
Monthly fee   £0   £15   £0
Total Fixed Fee   £100   £180   £50
TOTAL Annual donations    £300   £300   £300
Gift Aid (assumes all donations) 25% £75 25% £75 25% £75
Processing fee  2% £6.00 5% £15.00 3% £9.00
Card transaction fee  1.45% £4.35 1.30% £3.90 2.00% £6.00
VARIABLE cost to charity   £10.35   £18.90   £15.00
TOTAL CHARITY RECEIVES   £265   £176   £310

All figures shown exclude VAT. NB  Card transaction fees are set by the bank. We believe these are currently unfair and are negotiating to have them reduced. If we are successful, we will pass on any saving immediately.  We may review our processing fee from time to time and will always provide ample notice of any change.


So what’s stopping you?

You may already use another online giving site but why don’t you give your fundraisers and supporters more ways to raise money online for your cause when you Register Your Charity today.

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