Giving Back for Fundraisers

Whether you plan to bathe in beans, Race for Life or stage a show, when you’re raising money for a cause you care about, you need to ask everyone you know to support you with their hard-earned cash.

You could visit every one of your friends, clutching your sponsorship form, tickets or collecting tin and ask for their support in person.

OR, you could create a Giving Back profile page, post the link on Twitter and Facebook, and email it for good measure, then watch as your friends help you reach your fundraising target.

Your Giving Back profile page

• gives you more time to prepare for the big event
• helps you reach friends around the globe and ask for their support
• lets your good cause claim 25% more in Gift Aid

Your Giving Back profile page

• gives your supporters all the details they need about your event
• helps your supporters find out more about your good cause
• lets your supporters donate discretely or tell the world about your efforts

We’ve Made It Really Easy For You

So get started by clicking Start Fundraising at the top of the page and you’ll be on your way.

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