Giving Back for Supporters

You don’t have to shave your head, pedal the Pennines or put on a tea party to feel good about giving. You could simply support someone else’s efforts this time.

Donate safely

Giving Back’s secure payment system means you can sponsor a silence, buy tickets for the show or simply donate directly to your cause, in complete confidence.

What’s more, you’ll know that more of the money you donate will benefit your chosen cause, plus an extra 25% on top if you say Yes to Gift Aid, and it won’t cost you another penny.

Words of encouragement

Don’t forget to leave a message of support and, whether your friend is running, jumping, abseiling, strutting the runway, skating on custard or scoffing sausages, be there to cheer them on.

We’ve Made It Really Easy For You

If you know the charity, event or friend you want to support, get started by clicking Find A Charity, Find An Event or Sponsor A Friend at the top of the page and you’ll soon be on your way.

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