Boost your donations with Gift Aid

Giving Back works with HMRC to claim Gift Aid on behalf of eligible charitable organisations to help you get even more from your online fundraising with Giving Back.

Follow these simple steps to let HMRC know that you’d like Giving Back to claim Gift Aid on your behalf.

    1. Download a ChV1, Charity Variation form from HMRC
    2. In the section labelled The nominee’s account details, boxes 46-53, enter the Giving Back’s details as shown below.
    3. In box 47, put your unique Giving Back charity reference number which is shown on the right of your home page when you sign-in to Giving Back.
    4. If you need help to complete the rest of your form, there’s a detailed guide here and for more information about claiming Gift Aid, visit HMRC’s Gift Aid Tool Kit
    5. When you’ve completed your form, send it directly to Giving Back (NOT HMRC), using this address
      Gift Aid Processing
      Giving Back Limited
      Shakespeare House
      65 Forest Road
      LE11 3NW

We’ll register your details, then liaise with HMRC. As soon as HMRC confirms that we can start claiming Gift Aid on your behalf, we’ll let you know and you’ll start to benefit from this boost to your online fundraising.

Giving Back details for your ChV1 form

For Nominee reference use your Giving Back Charity Reference Number shown on your Giving Back home page when you sign.

gift aid details

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