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LWA is a domestic abuse charity based in Loughborough to provide care and advice for those affected by domestic abuse. We offer help, advice and support for everybody who is touched by domestic abuse.

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There's a list of the events we're organising below. Click on the event you'd like to participate in to find out more. Then click the tickets / take part button to complete the relevant registration form.

Other Events / Personal Challenge

If you're taking part in a large event that we're not organising, for example a well known marathon or bike ride, or if you've devised a personal challenge of your own, from apple bobbing to zip-wiring, click here to register your activity.

Whatever you're doing, if you're raising money for us, once you've registered you can create your Giving Back profile and start spreading the word.

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If the event you'd like to take part in is not listed below, and we're definitely organising it, we may just be a little behind. Please let us know and we'll create a Giving Back page for it right away.

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