Group Support Programmes

"Coming and meeting new people in similar situations has been helpful.  Its been supportive

and given me something to look forward to."

LWA runs two programmes for women who have experienced domestic abuse, the Freedom Programme and the Domestic Abuse Recovery Toolkit.  Although joining a group programme can initially feel quite daunting or embarrassing, the women who have completed them find the process incredibly healing, and meeting other people who have had similar experiences has been a great encouragement.  Some amazing, supportive friendships have come out of the programmes.

The Freedom Programme

The Freedom Programme is a twelve week course that explores the beliefs of the perpetrator, the different types of abuse, and how to recognise the early warning signs. The programme also aims to increase self-esteem and confidence.

The Domestic Abuse Recovery Toolkit

The Domestic Abuse Recovery Toolkit is offered to those who have already completed the Freedom Programme.  It is also a twelve week course and looks in more detail at the impact the abuse has had on the individual and the coping strategies they have used to survive the abuse.

Both programmes are free.

"I can now make my own decisions and not feel scared and worried."

If you believe you would benefit from these programmes please contact us for further information.