Financial abuse

Not surprisingly, money can be a very powerful method for a perpetrator to exert control. But what is financial abuse?  This may be limiting access to money or other resources, or by forcing all financial responsibility onto their victim while limiting their ability to provide this.

Financial abuse may include:
  • Taking money from them
  • Not allowing them access to shared money
  • Making them account for everything spent
  • Making them beg for money
  • Preventing them from gaining employment
  • Causing them to lose, or forcing them to give up, employment
  • Taking out loans, credit cards or running up debts in the victim’s name
  • Forcing them to commit crimes for money
  • Not allowing them to buy necessities, for themselves or their children, including sufficient food
  • Financial abuse can also be when the perpetrator is spending money needed to maintain the home on themselves

Financial abuse may continue after a relationship has ended, through the withholding of child maintenance.

If you think you are experiencing financial abuse, please seek help - GET HELP NOW.

If you think you are abusing someone financially, please seek help - ADVICE FOR PERPETRATORS.